Traditional Fado Show in Porto

Authentic Fado in an intimate concert with passionate artists


  • Gina Santos

  • Pedro Ferreira

  • Fernanda Moreira

  • Carla Cortez

  • Marco Quaresma

  • Rui Beirão

  • André Mariano

  • Joana Almeida

  • Ricardo Pons

Traditional is not just an adjective, it’s a style

Our shows are for real fans and those seeking for genuine Fado in an intimate setting.

At a time when Fado is often seen as a mere tourist attraction or as a hotel industry product, with dozens of places to listen to it, we do something unique in Porto.

We are exclusively dedicated to Traditional Fado. We do not play commercial repertoire, nor other styles like March Parade Style or Folklore Music (click here to learn more about these styles).

Fado without dinner

Enjoy a late afternoon moment exclusively dedicated to the true art of Fado.

Intimate concert

In a cozy vintage space, enjoy Traditional Fado without microphones. You will be comfortably seated around tables and near the musicians.

Know more about Fado

At 5:30 pm, the musicians will talk to you, in an informal tone, about the singularities of this style, its practice and some secrets.

Fixed price

You will only pay the ticket price, which includes the offer of a glass of port or sparkling wine.


Fado is not only a Portuguese musical style, which in 2011 was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

It’s also an emotion that can only be understood if lived. In a good Fado concert, when there is a perfect match between artists and audience, it is often said that “there was Fado” or “Fado happened”…

  • Schedule

    Every day at 18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays too)

    Duration: 50 minutes

    At 5:30 pm, Meet-and-Greet with the musicians

    Duration: 20 minutes

  • Program


    This casual moment has as its starting point to make known the various styles currently played in Fado shows, with particular focus on Traditional Fado.


    Listen to a traditional music style, far removed from the commercial Fado that is often found in tourist hotspots.

    You will hear 9-10 Fados and 2 instrumentals songs.

  • Location

    Galeria de Paris
    Rua da Galeria de Paris 64, 4050-284 Porto

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