The art of Fado in Porto

The essence of Fado through a private and intimate concert performed in the traditional style. If you are looking for real and authentic Fado, our shows are for you.

Everyday at 6 p.m. (50 min)
Tickets: 15€ | Young (13-23): 10€
One Port or sparkly wine included

You will feel Fado

Other than a musical genre, Fado can also be a phenomenon which occurs when there’s a perfect harmony between the artists and the audience. It’s a unique emotion and when it occurs, it’s often said “there was Fado” or that “Fado happened”.

An exclusive concert of Traditional Fado

The Ideal Clube de Fado is a collective of professional artists who share a passion for Traditional Fado. We are different because we don’t play the mainstream setlists or any other styles like Marchas or Folk Music. We are independent because our mission is to share real Fado. We are unique because there is no other project in Porto solely dedicated to Traditional Fado. This style, considered the art of Fado, combines all the aesthetics and authenticity of this music genre.

Talk with the artists

Between 5:30 pm and 5:50 pm the musicians will be availabe for a conversation around Fado. We want you to be able to distinguish the different styles currently played in concerts, to understand the specificity of Traditional Fado and how the artists approach it.

Would you like to know more about a Fado show now? Read our guide to undestanding a live Fado show.

Ideal setting
Feel at the center of the music in a vintage space of reference in the city of Porto. Our venue has great acoustics that allow for a loud and clear sound without the need for amplifiers.

Authentic Fado
Enjoy an intimate and intense moment of music and poetry. Our mission is to share traditional Fado, which we are devoted to with our heart and soul.

Reference artists
Our excellent guitarists and singers bring together great technique and strong expressiveness to give you a musical and artistic performance of the highest quality.

Talk with the musicians
Before each concert we set aside 20 minutes to talk with you about the singularities of this style, its practice and some secrets.

Where we are

Our concerts are located at Galeria de Paris, in one of the prettiest streets of central Porto. The unique features of this vintage venue provide an intimate and relaxed feel with acoustics that allow for a loud and clear sound without the need for amplifiers.

Rua da Galeria de Paris 64, 4050-284 Porto

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  • “The performance was wonderful. First, the information about fado’s history and the types of fado were clear and interesting. Then, the music! We were mesmerized by all three musicians and their individual and combined performance was outstanding. The setting was intimate and we even had a chance to talk with them after. I also thought the song set was put together thoughtfully with a powerfully emotional song at the end. This performance was a highlight of our three days in Porto. Thank you!”
    Wally Shriner
  • “Three dear friends and I found ourselves enchanted from the get-go, when the guitarist introduced himself and the Portuguese guitarist and explained the styles of fado. The vocalist truly embraced the audience, wove info on fado into the fabric of her moving renditions of traditional fado. An A+ experience.”
    Barbara L. (Tripadvisor)
  • “What a beautiful hour of music and singing! This was a great introduction to Fado music and made us want to listen to more! The guitarists were very skilled and the singing was heartfelt and emotional. All the artists were friendly and welcoming during this intimate performance and the free drink was a nice gesture. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves music!”
    Sue Green


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