Ideal Clube de Fado

The art of traditional Fado in Porto in intimate concerts

  • Who we are

    Ideal Clube de Fado is a collective of professional Fado artists that performs intimate concerts, exclusively dedicated to a style called “Traditional Fado”.


  • Where we are

    We organize daily concerts at Galeria de Paris in the historic center of Porto.

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  • What is Fado?

    Fado is a Portuguese musical style. In 2011, Fado was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • What is Traditional Fado?

    “Traditional Fado” is the original style of Fado. We can say that it is Fado in its purest state. But, despite being called “traditional”, this is the most artistic style.

Daily schedule

17:30. Meet-and-Greet

In a chat with the musicians, learn about Fado styles and why Traditional Fado is unique.

18:00. Concert

Feel the thrill of true Fado in an intimate moment with leading artists from Porto.

Fado in Porto

Did you know that in Porto, a city of art, history and culture, Fado is the most played style of music with over 150 shows a week?

In this context, we make a difference, not only because we have reference artists from the city, but, above all, because we are the only project exclusively dedicated to Fado in its purest state.

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