About us

We do something completely different, independent and unique

The Ideal Clube de Fado is a collective of professional artists who share a passion for Traditional Fado. Our concerts are exclusively dedicated to the traditional style and cater to the real fans and those seeking an authentic Fado experience.

We are different because we don’t play the mainstream setlists or any other styles like Marchas or Folk Music. We are independent because our mission is to share real Fado. We are unique because there is no other project in Porto solely dedicated to Traditional Fado. This style, considered the art of Fado, combines all the aesthetics and authenticity of this music genre.

There are many Fado shows in Porto

With over one hundred concerts a week, nowadays, Fado is the music genre played live the most in Porto. This is because at the same time that UNESCO considered Fado Intangible Cultural Heritage, the city of Porto has witnessed an exponential growth of visitors from all corners of the world.

With a wealth of offerings for these concerts, there’s a tendency to play less Traditional Fado and more Fado Canção (a lighter version) and two other genres which aren’t Fado – Marchas and Folk Music–, therefore altering the essence of a Fado concert.

For this reason, in May 2019, in partnership with Galeria de Paris, we got together a group of professional artists passionate about their art to bring you Traditional Fado concerts for the real fans and those seeking a genuine Fado experience.